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Google šŸ‘€ meklētāja LatvieÅ”u versija, kurā var atrast nodaļas Interets, Attēli, Google karte, Gmail epasts, kā arÄ« meklēt visā internetā, meklÄ“Å”ana lapās latvieÅ”u valodā un .lv domēnos.

GoogleBot Robot Crawler and The Dance
During the month, Google sends out robots (spiders) to crawl the web and archive every website it finds. These archived websites will be presented in the next update of the Google index (database). The update process is initiated every 30 days or so, although on some occasions there have been more than 30 days between updates. - The main address, the true homepage of google.
www2. and www3. - Thought to be a test servers.

Whilst nobody outside of "Google" truly seems to know the purpose of the www2 & www3 servers, many people have come to the assumption that they are test servers. During the update, which takes several days, the 3 Google servers display different results. Whilst the results vary from server to server, they are said to be "dancing", hence the name "Google Dance".

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